About pharmCare™

pharmCare™ is a Medscope pty ltd product, and forms part of our suite of community pharmacy professional services tools:
pharmCare™ pharmCare is a professional services platform that integrates with the pharmacy dispensing system to provide a patient centric view of customers. Pharmacies wishing to develop a services based business model need to change the way they view customers. Where dispensing systems view customers as scripts, pharmCare presents customers as patients.
MRM™ Medication Review Mentor (MRM)™ is Australia's leading HMR/RMMR management system. Specifically designed for accredited pharmacists, MRM provides management, decision support, reporting and business development in one package. Manage your entire HMR/RMMR business from a single platform.
MedsCK™ MedsCK is a stand-alone version of the MedsChecks module available in pharmCare. With over 250K MedsChecks recorded, MedsCK is the most successful software application in its class. MedsCK success lies in its simplicity and usability.
MediFlags™ MediFlags is the original Medication Reviews (HMR/RMMR) document management system. MediFlags still maintains a strong following amongst accredited pharmacists looking for a basic, low cost alternative for managing their HMR/RMMR documentation.

About Medscope

Medscope Pty Ltd is a collaborative venture between academics from the school of Pharmacy (University of Tasmania) and Verdant Health, an ICT company that specialises in the development of innovative eHealth solutions.

Dr Peter Tenni, Dr Shane Jackson and Australian pharmacist of the year, Professor Greg Peterson, are arguably Australia's leading experts in the quality use of medicines. Their research is well documented, each having written numerous papers in the field.

Verdant Pty Ltd are expert eHealth software solution developers, having worked with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, the University of Tasmania, Health Connect Australia and CSIRO on leading edge projects that will undoubtedly shape the future of eHealth in Australia.

Medscope's aim is to develop systems that provide health service providers incentives to adopt best practices in the quality use of medicines.

Medication reviews have been long proven by academics world-wide to greatly reduce the risk of adverse drug effects in patients. Medscope has developed systems that allow pharmacists to realise commercial benefits for providing professional services to the general public.

We believe that technology can create business incentives to the private sector to supply good health care services to the general public.